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2014 • Album Three • "Brothers, Cousins and Fools"
Nine years in the making, "Brothers, Cousins and Fools" brings the band back to where they started with raw, new classic rock.

2005 • Album Two• "Sort of at a Loss"
The One-Eyed Show's second album, "Sort of at a Loss," features "Lemonade Stand," "Over/Under," and many more.

2002 • Album One •"Unsure of Direction"
The debut album of The One-Eyed Show brought you "Tree Top Toby," "Moon," "Would You Do the Same" and more!

The album is available at all TOES shows as well as by clicking the handy dandy buy button below.


Note: Album is also available by contacting your favorite TOES member.
Second Note: For your anonymity, album ships in discreet packaging material.


*Please click the links listed below to view TOES at The Newport Music Hall from March 28th, 2003 as well as a clip from Tabfest 2010.